About Us

Hi there! We are passionate nerds working together to create unique and successful projects for our clients. Our mission is to provide solutions with timeless and memorable outcomes on every creative project.

Transparency is very important to us. Our clear and straightforward pricing and packages allow potential clients to understand the cost of working with us and what services they can expect to receive in return. We don’t discriminate based on size, status, or needs – we are here to help everyone create a unique and effective brand.

Hello. I’m Franky.

I am a kid from the 80s who is fortunate enough to experience a Walkman, Nintendo, VHS, a gigantic book of a city map, Yellow Pages, payphones, and going anywhere without any means of communication… And survived.

I love the ’80s and ’90s music and art, and those two things stuck with me all the way until now. Can’t seem to separate music and design. 

I set off to study graphic design in Melbourne, but along the way, the economic crisis happened. I went back home and continued my study in Indonesia. After graduating from university with a bachelor’s in visual communication design, I started my design journey.

I started my music journey as well. But that’s for another story.


Hello. I’m Herry.

I’m a self-taught designer and have a passion for creativity, which drives me to explore new ideas and techniques, always learning. What started as a personal interest has grown into a fulfilling career, where I use my skills to tell visual stories that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Over the past seven years, I have been focusing on slide deck presentation design. I love the opportunity to apply design principles to create presentations that are not only informative but also engaging and captivating.

A Nerd’s Studio

We prioritize building strong relationships with our clients. We believe that repeat business and growth come from providing exceptional work and fostering a true partnership, rather than relying on sales pitches. Many of our clients have been with us for more than 7 years because of this approach.

We understand the importance of your investment in your business’ website and building a digital presence. Having a strong online presence will certainly have a positive impact on your business, increasing your business credibility and setting you apart from your competitors. A website that looks great, easy to navigate, and clearly communicates the quality of your business will certainly make a wonderful first impression.

We are passionate about making websites and helping businesses grow their online presence! Our expertise has brought success to numerous small and big companies all around the world. We are driven by the trust and support of our customers who continually validate the quality of our work. We take pride in every project we undertake and are constantly striving to achieve outstanding results. We are committed to delivering beyond your expectations. Trust us to take your business to the next level and grow the success that you never thought was possible. Let’s take this journey together!


Contact us through the form below to share about your business, blogging or projects and how we can help you succeed. Thanks for reaching out!