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AI website builders are taking the web design world by storm in 2024. They use smart AI tools to make websites in no time. Unlike regular methods, they don’t need coding skills to work.

This change is good news if you want to build your site but lack tech know-how.

It’s also great if you need a website faster, as it usually takes time if you are not familiar yet with web design and development.

In this article, I’ll review and discuss the 7 best AI Website Builders available today to help you find the perfect website builder.

What Are The 7 Best AI Website Builders in 2024?

Here are my selected best AI website builders in 2024:

1) Kadence AI


Curious about how Kadence AI sets itself apart from other WordPress tools?

Kadence AI is changing the game by blending AI technology right into the website design process. This means you can quickly put together professional, fast-loading websites using a huge library of designs and AI features that are made just for your business needs.

This powerful tool doesn’t just make publishing websites easier; it also gives you access to loads of customized pages and designs, making your website look even better.

Kadence AI doesn’t stop there – it acts like your personal copywriter, creating engaging, tailored content and images that really speak to your audience and help you stand out.

Discover how Kadence AI can help you effortlessly create unique and appealing websites.

Key Features

  • AI-Generated Copy: This matches the tone you want, making the content interesting and engaging.
  • Immersive Imagery: This helps you connect with your audience better and turns more visitors into customers.
  • Customize AI: You can adjust the AI to fit the specifics of your business, ensuring the content it creates is customized just for you.

Ease of Use


Kadence AI‘s knack for creating personalized content and adjusting to your business specifics means you can effortlessly establish a unique online presence. It offers an easy-to-use experience that boosts both efficiency and creativity in website design, making it an essential tool for anyone looking for fresh, innovative solutions.


  • There are limits to the AI credits. If you purchased the yearly plan, the credits get refreshed yearly.



Here are Kadence pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever
  • Essentials: $149/year
  • Full Bundle: $219/year

Kadence also has a Lifetime Full Bundle for $799.

My Takeaway

  • Creating an amazing website is super easy with Kadence AI!
  • The Design Library and AI integration give you access to a vast selection of customized pages and patterns, bringing unique design touches to your website.

2) Divi AI


Divi AI is a groundbreaking AI web design platform that transforms the way websites are created and developed.

It builds on the popular Divi Builder, a versatile WordPress plugin that enables users to create visually stunning websites using a drag-and-drop interface.

However, Divi AI takes this concept a step further by integrating AI-driven features that streamline the design process and enhance the overall user experience.

Key Features

  • In building your website, the AI algorithm analyzes your content, industry, and design preferences to generate personalized layout suggestions.
  • It can intelligently recommend color palettes, typography choices, and even imagery based on the website’s content and purpose.
  • Incorporates machine learning to enhance its design recommendations over time.
  • You are able to personalize every detail of your website according to your preferences.
  • Your website adapts its layout and design to fit any device automatically.

Ease of Use

  • Divi AI provides a wide range of beautiful templates that you can choose from to kickstart your website design process.
  • The Divi AI visual drag-and-drop editor makes website creation easy and user-friendly.


  • Although the builder is user-friendly, understanding how to navigate and utilize all its features efficiently may take some time.
  • While the basic features are available for free, certain advanced features may require a paid subscription.



If you are a Divi user, Divi AI offers a straightforward one-price $18/month plan.


  • Divi AI helps optimize your website for search engines by providing built-in tools that improve your site’s visibility and ranking in search results.
  • Various templates and designs to choose from make it easier for you to create a unique and visually appealing website.
  • Divi AI offers regular updates and support to ensure that you are always working with the latest features and capabilities.

Try Divi AI today and see how easy it is to create a website that you love.

3) SITE123


SITE123 is a website builder that is perfect for beginners. 

It offers a diverse range of features, making it accessible to users of all skill levels, even those with no prior experience.

It also offers a free plan, so you can try it out before you pay for a plan.

SITE123 provides a simple and straightforward website-building process.

Key Features

  • A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create a website, even for beginners.
  • SEO tools to help you optimize your website for search engines.
  • Automatically optimizes your website for mobile devices.
  • Improving your website’s visibility with built-in SEO tools.
  • Create an online store in minutes with SITE123’s e-commerce features.

Ease of Use


SITE123 makes it easy to build your website from scratch or choose from a variety of templates to get started quickly.


  • A relatively new website builder with limited design options.
  • Not suitable for complex websites.



SITE123 has a free version plan. It also has a Premium plan of $5.80/month.


  • SITE123 is a great choice if you want to create a simple website. 
  • It is also a good choice for businesses that need a website with e-commerce functionality.

So why wait? Start building your professional website with SITE123 today!

4) Hostinger


Creating a stunning website is easy and fast with Hostinger’s AI Builder – no coding experience needed.

One key advantage of Hostinger’s AI Website Builder is its simplicity.

In addition, Hostinger is a very popular and reliable web hosting as well, for business or personal use.

It guides you through the website creation process step-by-step, ensuring that even beginners can easily navigate and understand each stage.

The AI-powered system automatically optimizes your website for all screen sizes, including mobile devices.

Key Features

  • With Hostinger’s AI Website Generator, simply enter your business details, and the tool will generate a full website for you.
  • Wide range of web design tools to assist in creating a beautiful website.
  • Create as many web pages as you need for your website.
  • Many features to help you create a professional-looking website, including templates, a drag-and-drop editor, SEO tools, and more.
  • Fast page load speeds so that your visitors won’t have to wait around for your site to load.

Ease of Use


An impressive aspect of Hostinger’s user experience is it’s very easy to install and get started.


  • While Hostinger does provide some basic SEO features, it may not offer the advanced optimization tools that more experienced web designers might require.
  • Hostinger’s capabilities in terms of payment gateways and inventory management may be limited.



Hostinger’s AI Website Builder plan is pretty straightforward. It’s a one-price of $2.99/month plan.

My Takeaway

  • Great choice for people who want to build an AI-generated website without any coding experience.
  • They have additional AI tools like a website builder, content writer, AI logo maker, and heatmap analysis to help you every step of the way.

Get started today with Hostinger website builder.

5) Wix ADI


Wix ADI, or Artificial Design Intelligence, is a powerful tool that can help you create a professional website in minutes, even if you have no experience with web design.

It is a particularly powerful AI website builder because it uses a variety of AI features to create custom websites that are tailored to each user’s needs. 

Wix ADI generates a personalized website based on a few questions about your site.

It will present you with a few different design themes to choose from. 

You can then review and edit your website. After you finish designing your website, simply click on the “Publish” button to make it live.

Key Features

  • Wix ADI instantly creates a unique and personalized website based on your preferences and needs.
  • Provides design suggestions tailored to your industry.
  • Intelligently sorts your content, making it effortless for visitors to find what they seek.
  • Automatically be optimized for mobile devices.
  • Easily create and manage a blog, allowing you to share valuable content with your audience.

Ease of Use


With Wix ADI, you can quickly build your professional website.


  • Wix ADI is less flexible than the standard Wix editor. This means that you may not be able to achieve the exact design that you want.



Wix ADI offers different pricing plans to suit various user needs and budgets. The cost generally depends on the specific features and capabilities you require for your website.

My Takeaway

  • Wix ADI is easy to use. Even if you have no experience with web design, you can use Wix ADI to create a professional website in minutes.
  • The Wix ADI help centre is a great resource for learning more about Wix ADI and how to use it to create a website.

Get started with Wix ADI for free today!

6) GetResponse Website Builder


GetResponse is a popular email marketing platform that also offers an AI website builder. 

The GetResponse website builder is known for its ease of use and its ability to create professional-looking websites in minutes.

Key Features

  • Uses AI to help you make a website design that matches your needs and style.
  • Over 100 prebuilt website templates for various industries and purposes. 
  • Simply provide some information about your business, and the AI will generate a website for you.
  • Access to additional tools like web forms, landing pages, email marketing tools, and more.

Ease of Use


With over 100 predesigned templates, building a website becomes easy and intuitive.


  • Limited flexibility to customize them according to your preferences.
  • The builder’s built-in SEO tools may not be as robust or comprehensive compared to dedicated SEO platforms or plugins.



My Takeaway

  • GetResponse is a great option if you are looking for an easy-to-use AI website builder.
  • It is also a good option if you are already using GetResponse for email marketing.

Give it a try and see how effortlessly you can build a stunning site with the power of AI technology.

7) Jimdo


Jimdo allows anyone to create a professional website without coding skills.

It offers a free plan, as well as paid plans with more features and storage space.

It offers many templates and tools to help you create a website customised to your needs.

Jimdo also offers Dolphin, an AI-powered tool that works similarly to Wix’s ADI and can help you create a functional website.

Jimdo Dolphin helps you generate a website quickly and easily.

It starts by asking you a few questions and then uses this information to generate a personalized website template for you.

Key Features

  • AI assistant to help you create a website quickly and easily, even if you have no coding knowledge.
  • Various templates to choose from.
  • Mobile-friendly editor, so you can create and edit your website from anywhere.
  • Powerful SEO features that help you get your website ranked higher.
  • Includes e-commerce features.

Ease of Use


Jimdo Dolphin’s editor is very easy to use. You can simply click on the elements of your website that you want to edit and make changes as needed.


  • Limited number of customization options for design and layout



My Takeaway

  • Jimdo Dolphin is a powerful and versatile website builder that is perfect for beginners and experienced users. 
  • It offers a wide range of features, including AI-powered website creation.

What is an AI Website Builder?

An AI website builder is a software tool that uses AI to help you create and design any type of website.

With an AI-powered website builder, you can effortlessly select from a diverse array of pre-designed templates and tailor them to your unique preferences.

The AI will automatically organize your content, optimize layouts, and suggest design elements based on your needs.

This makes it incredibly easy for beginners or individuals with limited technical expertise to build professional-looking websites in no time.

Plus, many AI website builders also offer additional features like coding assistance, AI content, AI writer tools, branding tools, and SEO optimization to enhance the overall functionality of your site.


Are There Free AI Website Builders?

The builders on this list that we just reviewed and discussed are considered some of the best free AI website builders.

These builders help you create any type of website you want quickly and easily. 

However, it is important to note that free AI website builders’ versions often have some limitations. For example, they may have fewer features than paid builders, or they may have limited storage space or bandwidth.

Additionally, some free builders may display ads on your website.

If you are serious about making your website up and running, you may want to consider using a paid AI website builder. 



Selecting the right AI website builder for fast web design is important. 

Consider factors like cost, features, and ease of use when choosing the top AI tool that suits your needs.

With these innovative tools, you can easily build a stunning website with the help of artificial intelligence.

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