Are you seeking tech-savvy solutions to enhance the functionality of your church’s website? Well, with WordPress powering over 43% of all websites globally, it’s an ideal platform for faith communities.

In this comprehensive guide, I will review the top nine WordPress plugins specifically tailored for churches in 2024 – from managing donations to adding sermon databases.

Discover how these innovative tools can take your ministry’s online presence to new heights!

What Are The Best WordPress Plugins for Churches

These are my reviewed WordPress church plugins for 2024:

1) GiveWP


GiveWP is a standout choice for your church. Many people know it as the top donation plugin. Over 100,000 websites use GiveWP to raise funds and accept donations. This plugin has both free and paid options.

It’s a helpful system for fundraising in churches. It also gives robust tools to boost your online presence.

Key Features

  • GiveWP integrates with Multiple Payment Gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and
  • With Donor Management, you can view a complete history of donor activity, generate tax-deductible receipts, and integrate with popular email marketing tools to engage donors.
  • With the Recurring Donations add-on, donors can choose to give on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly, or annually.
  • You can create Multiple Style Donation Forms that can be embedded anywhere on the site. These forms can be set for single, custom, or multi-level amounts.
  • Detailed Reports and Analytics on donation activity, including income generated over specific time frames, forms that perform best, and more.

Ease of Use

This WordPress plugin is simple to use. Churches can set up and manage donation campaigns without any trouble. The user-friendly interface helps create custom donation forms for your church’s WordPress site.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy. GiveWP has a support team ready to help with setup and fixing problems. 



There’s a Free-forever plan on GiveWP, with basic features. For more features, there are three plans available:

  • Basic: $149/year
  • Plus: $349/year
  • Pro: $449/year

2) Series Engine


This plugin is very helpful in managing and showcasing sermon content. It is considered one of the best sermon plugins for WordPress.

With Series Engine, the website for your church can create and organize sermon series and upload audio and video files.

The plugin can create podcast feeds, making it easier for people to access and listen to the sermon. Overall, Series Engine helps manage sermon archives effectively and reach a wider audience online.

Key Features

  • Integrate seamlessly with drag-and-drop website builders to create beautiful layouts.
  • Easily customize the appearance of your sermon library to fit your church’s branding.
  • Organize sermons into series and topics for easy navigation.
  • Upload and manage audio and video files directly within the plugin.
  • Display Bible verses alongside sermon messages with the integrated Bible passage tool.
  • Allow users to subscribe to sermon podcasts and receive automatic updates.
  • Enable sermon search functionality so visitors can find specific messages quickly.

Ease of Use

Designed to be user-friendly, it is easy for you to manage and share your media content. You can easily upload and organize sermons, lectures, and other media on your website.

It has simple navigation and organization tools for you to create sermon series and playlists effortlessly



Series Engine’s pricing is straightforward, just a one-time payment. No monthly fees, and free updates for life!

  • One License: $99
  • Combo Pack: $175
  • Triple Pack: $225

3) Prayer Engine


Prayer Engine is a premium WordPress plugin and web app that allows churches to easily share prayer requests online.

With features like prayer walls and calendars, it provides an organized and accessible platform for church members to submit and view prayer needs.

Considered one of the best ways to share prayers online, Prayer Engine is a valuable tool for any church looking to strengthen its community through heartfelt intercession.

Key Features

  • Create prayer walls on your website, allowing people to submit prayer requests and receive support from the community.
  • Host online prayer sessions, where members can come together virtually to pray for specific needs or events.
  • Prayer Commitment: You can click a button to pray for a specific request, showing support and encouragement.
  • Private Prayer Requests: Allows you to submit requests that aren’t displayed publicly, ensuring privacy when needed.
  • Admin Moderation: Admins can moderate prayer requests before they appear on the site, ensuring content appropriateness and privacy.

Ease of Use

The Prayer Engine plugin is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. No hassle in managing prayer requests. You can provide a simple interface that allows visitors to submit their prayers online.



Like Series Engine, Prayer Engine pricing is also a one-time payment. No monthly fees, and free updates for life!

  • One License: $99
  • Combo Pack: $175
  • Triple Pack: $225

4) Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms is a top form builder plugin for WordPress. It has many useful features that make it a great choice for churches.

You can create forms that are mobile-responsive and have multiple pages. It also gives you the option to limit the number of submissions for each form and schedule them to be available for a specific period of time.

One great feature is the ability to create posts directly from form submissions, making it convenient and efficient for managing your website content.

Key Features

  • You can easily create custom forms with Drag-and-drop Form Builder. No coding is required!
  • Gravity Forms offers Over 30 Form Field Types form field types to meet your church’s specific needs.
  • You can use Advanced Form Functionality for things like quizzes, surveys, and subscriptions. You can even set up conditional logic to show or hide specific form fields based on user input.
  • Gravity Forms seamlessly integrates with popular services like PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, and more. 
  • Spam Protection: Integrates with services like Akismet and reCAPTCHA to prevent spam submissions.

Ease of Use

Gravity Forms is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Intuitive interface, simple customization options. Creating and managing forms without any technical expertise.

This plugin allows churches to collect information from their congregation, manage event registrations, and even receive online donations seamlessly.

It’s no wonder why Gravity Forms is ranked among the top 100 most used WordPress plugins on church websites.



Gravity Forms does not have a free version, but you can sign up for a demo and explore the features before committing to any plan.

  • Basic License: $59/year
  • Pro License: $159/year
  • Elite License: $259/year (best value)

5) Rank Math


Rank Math is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps churches optimize their websites for search engines.

It integrates with other popular plugins like MemberPress and Toolset, making it easy to manage your church website all in one place.

With its SEO-friendly features, Rank Math ensures that your church’s website can be easily found by people searching online. In fact, it was ranked as the fourth-best WordPress SEO plugin in 2022.

Whether you want to improve your church’s visibility on search engines or enhance your social media presence, Rank Math provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing your website and reaching more people.

Key Features

  • Rank Math provides a Comprehensive SEO Analysis of your website’s SEO performance, including keyword optimization, content readability, and meta tags.
  • It automatically generates an XML Sitemap for your website for Google to crawl and index your pages.
  • Advanced Schema Markup: You can add structured data markup to your website, helping search engines understand your content better.
  • Local SEO Optimization: If your church has a physical location, Rank Math helps you optimize it for local searches by adding essential information like address, phone number, and business hours.
  • 404 Error Monitoring: It keeps track of broken or missing links on your website and provides suggestions to fix them, improving user experience and search engine rankings.

Ease of Use

I really like Rank Math’s dashboard. Its user-friendly interface is straightforward and clear. It’s very easy to navigate between all the features available. You can read more in my complete Rank Math review.



Rank Math has a free version. For more premium features, you can upgrade to paid plans.

  • Pro: $5.75/month
  • Business: $19.08/month
  • Agency: $45.75/month

6) Slider Revolution


It has over 8,000 installations in 2023. This plugin is compatible with popular ones like Contact Form 7 and Jetpack.

With Slider Revolution, you can create stunning visuals and animations for your church website without any coding or special software. Plus, it’s optimized for quick loading, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Key Features

  • Eye-catching Sliders: Create visually stunning sliders with captivating animations and transitions.
  • Easily design your sliders using the intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor.
  • Multimedia Support: Add videos, images, and audio to your sliders for a dynamic multimedia experience.
  • Customizable Styles: Customize the appearance of your sliders with options for fonts, colors, and backgrounds.
  • Choose from various Animation Effects to bring your sliders to life.
  • Save time by starting with professionally Pre-Made Templates that can be customized to fit your church’s branding.
  • Integration Options: Easily integrate Slider Revolution with other popular WordPress plugins to expand its functionality.

Ease of Use

Slider Revolution is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface. It is designed to be easy to use. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, creating stunning sliders and animated page blocks becomes a breeze.

Whether showcasing upcoming events or highlighting important church messages, Slider Revolution provides a church site with a simple yet powerful tool to engage users and create an appealing online presence.


Slider Revolution has 2 plan options: Annual Payment and One-Time Payment.


The Annual Payment:

  • Starter: $35/year
  • Enthusiast: $89/year
  • Professional: $139/year

The One-Time Payment:

  • Starter: $89
  • Enthusiast: $227
  • Professional: $365

7) Photo Gallery by 10Web


The Photo Gallery plugin by 10Web is a highly recommended choice for churches looking to showcase their photos on their WordPress websites. This plugin stands out because it offers excellent performance without slowing down your site.

It allows churches to easily upload and display sermons, images, and videos. Not only that, but it also provides a prayer wall feature where church members can post their prayers.


Key Features

  • Responsive design: The gallery automatically adjusts to different screen sizes, ensuring your website looks great on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Multiple gallery types: You can choose from various gallery layouts, including grid, masonry, polaroid, and slideshow, to display your church photos in the most appealing way.
  • Customizable settings: You have control over the gallery’s appearance and behaviour. You can customize thumbnail size, lightbox effects, navigation options, and more.
  • Image management: The plugin allows you to upload and organize church photos easily. You can create albums or categories to organize your image library better.
  • Video support: In addition to photos, you can also add videos to your galleries. This feature is especially useful if you want to share sermon recordings or other church-related videos with your congregation.

Ease of Use

The Photo Gallery by 10Web is straightforward, making it a great content church plugin. Church administrators can quickly and effortlessly upload photos to create beautiful galleries on their WordPress websites.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that make organizing and managing the galleries easy. 

It is an excellent option if your church website wants to showcase their events, activities, and community through visual content.



The Photo Gallery plugin offers different pricing options to suit your church. It starts with a free version, which is great for churches with limited budgets. For those looking for more advanced features and support:

  • Basic: $30
  • Pro: $60
  • Plugin Bundle: $100

Why Do You Need a WordPress Sermon Plugin?

  • These tools provide extended features and functionality to enhance your website’s capabilities.
  • It is easier for non-technical users to create and maintain their church websites. You don’t have to be an expert in coding or web development; simply install the plugin and follow the user-friendly interface to set up and customize your site.
  • It can engage your congregation by providing valuable resources and information. From Bible verse generators to prayer request forms, these tools offer interactive elements that encourage participation and enhance communication between members.
  • With both free and paid options available, you can get started without breaking the bank while also offering opportunities for additional features as your church grows.

Do You Need a Specific WordPress Church Theme?

If you have a church website, you may wonder if you need a specific WordPress church theme. The answer depends on your specific needs and goals. 

We have reviewed some of the best church plugins for WordPress. You can install those plugins on all popular WordPress themes, which will work seamlessly with any WordPress theme. 

WordPress church themes are designed with unique features and functions that are important for running a church website.

They often include features like event calendars, sermon organizers, online donations, and integration with social media platforms. One thing to note, though, is that most of these themes are paid themes.

Below are some of the best church WordPress themes, free and premium:

  • Divi (by Elegant Themes): Though not a church-specific theme, Divi is a versatile multipurpose theme that offers a wide array of customizable features. Many churches use Divi to design their websites due to its flexibility.
  • Church and Event (by Vamtam): This theme is designed specifically for churches, events, and NGOs. It’s known for its event calendar integration, sermons post type, and other church-specific features.
  • Blessing | Responsive Church & Charity Site Template: It offers features like events, sermons, and donations and is known for its sleek, modern design.
  • Saved (by This is another dedicated church theme with custom post types for sermons, events, locations, and staff profiles.
  • Maranatha (by A visually appealing theme with a sticky menu, deep footer, and various church-specific features.

Wrap-Up of The Best WordPress Plugins for Church Websites

With the increasing popularity of WordPress and the need for churches to have an online presence, choosing the right plugins for your church website is essential.

Ultimately, the best WordPress plugins for your church website will depend on your specific needs and goals, but these plugins provide a solid foundation for enhancing your online presence and engaging your congregation. 

So go ahead and explore these plugins to make your church website even more amazing!

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